Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chrismas Break Challenge

Over the break, our teacher encouraged us all to shoot a series.  I chose to capture Santa Claus.  Here are the shots I edited from the Magical Forest, enjoy.

"Hatbox Santa"

"Light Santa"

"Present Santa"

"Hang'n Santa"

"Book Santa"

"HO HO HO Santa"

"Dental Santa"

"Chimney Santa"

"Pizza Santa"

"Hobo Santa"

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Final Project: The Colors of NO

Las Vegas has a particularly seedy reputation.  In our city, supposedly anything goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, right?  We have access to anything our naturally curious brains can dredge up, from sex on speed dial to drive-thru weddings performed by Elvis.  So how is it, that in a town of complete excess, I see the word NO everywhere I turn? You can order a private “dancer” to your hotel room, but you better not stand too long in front of a store.  You can drink until you cannot even stand of your own volition, but don’t you dare ask to use the restroom unless you are planning on buying something.  Las Vegas and the word NO do not seem coincide to the average tourist, but as locals we know different.

My final project documents how NO is a part of everyday life in a town built on the word YES.

"NO Drinky"

"NO Loity"

"NO Outty"

"NO Parky"

"NO Piccy"

NO Potty"

"NO Skatey"

"NO Smokey"

"NO Standy"

"NO Touchy"

"NO Whatty"

Week 15: A Gray Day Downtown

Downtown is a staple of our shooting semester.  We visit the area three times a class and still find new images to make.  This last shoot was different because we had gray clouds and drizzle most of the day.  I learned a few new processes and tricks this semester, so I put them in use with this shoot, enjoy.


"6th and Fremont"

"Big Sister"

"Take a Seat"

Week 14: Thankgiving Break

Well our challenge was to document a family member throughout Thanksgiving.  This year was a little screwy, as my family and I had to work that evening and choose not to make a big fuss.  So I followed my mate around tracking his movements through the day.  I was an enjoyable day, but rather sedate.  Here are a couple images of his Thanksgiving, enjoy.

"Nap before game time"

"French Toast"


Week 13: South Strip- Behind Wynn

I always end up walking the direction that most of my classmates do not want walk.  I desire the chance to maybe. MAYBE capture something unique.  Sometimes this strategy gets me physically lost or puts me at a loss for a creative outlet.  Either way had I not tried the path least traveled I would not know never to go down it again.  Here are a few of the captures made on my walk behind Wynn, enjoy.


"Get over It"

"Tree Lines"

Week 12: Arts District

The Arts District has always been a difficult shoot for me.  The area is old buildings, industrial buildings and even some condemned buildings.  In theory, I believe this atmosphere should inspire me, alas I always have a hard time trying to document the neighborhood.  Here are a few shots I don't completely hate, enjoy.

"Raising the Bar"

"Sneak Peek"

"Available Tile"


Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 11: Extra- Strip at Night

I had a few friends in town for the weekend and of course they wanted to experience the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas lights.  So, as they walked around admiring the city's sparkle, I took the opportunity make a few images, enjoy.

"Easy Rider"

"Escalating Exhaustion"


"Walking Reflection"